EPNA September 2, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Intro/ Approval of Minutes

  • In attendance
  • Catie moves to approve minutes, Jim seconds, apparently unanimous to approve.

Mums on Johnson

  • Possibility that ella development will help with landscaping.
  • Sarah B has been maintaining landscaping on intersection of Johnson and E Wash.
    • Requests up to $150 from EPNA for more landscaping materials by Dominoes.
    • Mums are annuals
  • Are there limitations on what kind of plants we can use?
    • Sarah says she is not aware of limitations from the City aside from plants that would block view from vehicles.
  • Tom concerned that annuals this late in the season wouldn’t last long.
  • Maggie supports and seconds $150
  • Sarah suggests that fewer Mums could be planted near Carx and some perennials could be transplanted from butterfly garden to Dominoes.
  • Motion passed unanimously. 

Treasurer Farewell

  • Last meeting for Alex Swenson as treasurer.
  • Zack made a motion for Jim “The General” Wold to become interim treasurer, seconded by Catie, approved unanimously.

Emerson Joint Yard Sale

  • Joint yard sale?
  • We will publish information regarding the yard sale on 9/18.

Festival Recap

  • Many new members.
  • New neighbors who had just moved in.
  • Tremendous success.
  • Great turnout.
  • Could have used more volunteers, especially distributing fliers at houses.
  • Volunteer party scheduling:
    • Are there any dates that don’t work for people?
      • Kelly out the last week of Sept and Oct 1st
      • Maybe Oct. 4th or 5th?
    • Are there any preferences.
    • Historically it is done during Sept/Oct, but maybe we should try to do it sooner this year so that weather is more likely to be conducive to being outdoors.
  • First time taking credit/debit cards
    • Bernice in favor of the beer ticket idea.
      • Heard anecdotal that the beer lines were shorter.


  • Officer elections coming up.
  • Nominations taken this month and next month.
  • Jim nominates himself for Treasurer next year
  • Secretary, Treasurer and 1 Cochair position up for re-election. 

Alder Updates

  • Alder not present, tabled.

Open Comments

  • Membership needs to be renewed for the January meeting.
  • Jim asked for a link to the bylaws: https://www.ekenpark.org/pdfs/EPNA%20BY-LAWS.pdf
  • Fox and canine project.
  • We did well financially at the festival. We should be able to share specific numbers 
    • Numbers compared to previously years:
      • 2018 $5800 net
      • 2019 $5051 net
      • 2021 ~$10000 in beer sales
        • Even if we hadn’t raised beer prices we would have made more than 2019.
    • Expenses also went up and looking at ways to cut these next year.
      • Who knew shitters would go way up?
      • Shitters exploded (in price).
    • Raffle not happening took a lot of stress off of the committee.


Motion made to adjourn by Maggie, seconded by several people, approved unanimously. Jim has green beans to cook. Meeting adjourned at 7:26pm.

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