Halloween Food Drive Competition between Eken Park & Emerson East….THE RESULTS ARE IN!

Neighbors – we cannot begin to adequately thank you for your amazing generosity during our Halloween Food Drive! Eken Park showed up and showed out! And although the results were incredibly close, we have to report that Emerson East has won. But the true winner here is Bashford Food Pantry which was so grateful and happy with all of yesterday’s donations.

By the numbers:
Eken Park:
Double point items= 316×2 = 632 points
Single point items = 142 points
Total points = 774

Emerson East:
Double point items = 315×2 = 630
Single point items = 200
Total points = 830

SO CLOSE!! Overall 973 individual items gathered for Bashford Food Pantry – MANY of which were items they had requested. CONGRATS Emerson East and YAY Eken Park. We’re all winners! We’re thinking about doing this again next year – let us know what you thought and drop some comments in below.

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