Missed September’s EPNA meeting? No problem! Here are the notes!

EPNA Meeting September 3, 2020


Approval of August Minutes

               Bernice moved to approve the August meeting minutes (Kelly second)

               Vote: unanimous approval

Committee Updates:

–        Eken “Parked” Fest

o   In light of the Covid19 pandemic, the Eken Park Festival took place in a modified form.  On August 15th, the EPNA hosted a livestreamed musical event, the “Eken PARKED Fest”, featuring three bands, two of which played sets at the Cabaret.  Heritage Credit Union sponsored the event as a corporate donor, and the EPNA raised an additional $600 through individual donations on Go Fund Me.  Committee chair Kaitlin provided a recap of the event at the EPNA meeting.  Among other things, she asked for approval to pay $300 to the Cabaret for hosting the event, and to Al “the sound guy” for his hard work.

o   Tom made a motion to donate $300 to Cabaret (Anne second)

o   Vote: Unanimous approval

–        Green Space Committee

o   Rick, the head of the Green Space Committee, secured funding from the City of Madison for buying perineal bulbs.  These bulbs will be planted at various green spaces around the neighborhood.  Rick is planning a neighborhood bulb planting event for this fall (date TBD). 

–        Placemaking Committee

o   The neighborhood gateway projects is almost finished! Erika has completed the butterfly sculptures and will be installing them soon by the neighborhood sign at the corner of East Johnson and East Washington.  The EPNA and Erika are asking neighbors to help name the butterflies.  The names will appear on nameplates attached to each sculpture.  Name suggestions will be taken at the EPNA membership meeting in October.

–        Outreach Committee

o   The EPNA is announcing an effort to reboot the Outreach Committee.  In 2018 and 2019, the Outreach Committee attempted to form a bridge between the EPNA and underrepresented areas of the Eken Park Neighborhood.  Although the original committee lost momentum when some of its key members moved away, there is interest in reviving it.  Any members that would like to volunteer on this committee should contact the officers.

Financials Update

–        The EPNA treasurer, Zach, will give a full update on the Association’s financials in the October meeting.

–        Kids March for Black Lives

o   On Sunday, Sept 13th at 3pm, the Kids March for Black Lives will take place at Orton Park.  As part of EPNA’s effort to support groups that address racial inequalities, the officers suggest donating $100 to the event organizers. 

o   Tom made a motion to donate $100 to Kids March for Black Lives (Bernice second)

o   Vote: Unanimous approval

–        Membership Drive

o   In an effort to boost interest in EPNA membership, the officers are organizing a prize drawing of two gift baskets, each worth $100.  The gift baskets will include gift cards for neighborhood restaurants (Dexter’s, People’s Bakery, Moka, Crustini, Jade Mountain, Tip Top, and Ogdens).  New members will be given two chances in the drawing, while renewing members will be given one chance.  Business membership will not be entered into the drawing.

o   Kelly made a motion to approve $200 to be used for purchasing the gift cards (Kaitlin second)

o   Discussion: Zack Brewer offered his printer in order to create fliers for the event.

o   Vote: Unanimous approval

General Updates

–        Bridge Painting Project

o   Given the complications associated with CoVid19, the Starkweather creek bridge painting project is being postponed until 2021.

–        Madison Bike Week

o   Bike week will be taking place this fall and, as usual, the EPNA hopes to have a station set up on the Washington Manor Park bike path.  More details will follow, but anyone that would like to volunteer should contact the officers.

–        Black Lives Matter Reading Group

o   The EPNA-sponsored Black Lives Matter reading group has been successfully holding meetings on a semi-weekly basis.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Zach (or any of the other officers)

Open Comments

–        Anne Morrison gave an update on the former Ella’s Deli property.  She is leading an effort to construct a multi-use building on the site, which will include apartments and business space.  All approvals are place and she is hopeful the project will begin in November.  Construction will happen in the Spring of 2021. 

Officer Elections in November Meeting

–        The EPNA is taking nominations for officers.  Open positions are Secretary (2021), Treasurer (2021), and Co-Chair (2021-2).  Anyone willing to serve, or who knows someone that would like to serve, can make a nomination at the October meeting.

Tom made a motion to adjourn (Kaitlin second)

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