Starkweather Creek painting project?

EPNA and Friends of Starkweather Creek need your help with the upcoming mural painting!
This kid friendly event will feature painting from 10am – 2pm on June 5th. We will be painting fabric that will be glued to the bridge once the project is complete. We will also feature another painting station for painting the new picnic tables in the nearby Starkweather Legacy Park (provided by Friends of Starkweather Creek).

We need some help with the following for the creek painting project coming up on June 5th (rain date June 12th):1. We need volunteers to donate an hour or more of their time between 10am and 2pm to help with monitoring the painting situation and help kids with their painting. We also need one helper (preferably able to be present for the full event between 10am and 2pm) to help record demographic data required for the grant.2. We need 3 popup tents! The kids will be painting in a few locations that we want to keep shaded so nobody gets too hot.
If you are able to volunteer or lend a popup tent, please email Zach Johnson @

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